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Wednesday, August 20, 2003

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I mean, I love my Cube games. Played the hell out of Mario Golf. Made about 25 CAWs for Ultimate Muscle, after unlocking everything. I've been playing Resident Evil, too. So why is it that I haven't picked any of them up in a week? I mean, I've only played WL4 here and there, and AC only to update myself and check the shop. All I've really been playing is No Mercy, as usual.

Who would have thought that the best wrestling game of all time would be on a system most people thought was ludicrous? It's like the biggest secret in the world, only everybody knows about it. Yes, I know that made no sense, but hey, I've actually been doing nothing but playing No Mercy on the long-term, so can I really be sane?

I think a lot of it has to do with my incredible anticipation for Wrestlemania XIX. September 9th can't come soon enough as far as I'm concerned. I've got Soul Calibur 2 coming out next week and I'm barely cognizant of the fact. I mean, of course I will play it. I'm still excited about it. Just not as excited as I am about WMXIX. Can you blame me? Have you seen it? Holy crap, I need booze. I could break my wrists typing about it.

Let's go over the basics. First of all, the system is based off of No Mercy, with weak/strong grapples and a similar control scheme. So if my recent playing habits are any indication, that's a good thing. I loved the location-specific damage in No Mercy, as joint manipulation and submission holds are my favorite types of maneuvers. It's even more advanced in WMXIX, even so far as to have a whole 'joint manipulation' stat in the CAW system. The CAW in WMXIX is amazing, and is by far more detailed than I ever imagined. Fully customizable entrances. Thousands of moves. Amazing. It's going to rock.

A cool-looking Story Mode called "Revenge" is the central mode in the game, where you've been kicked out of the WWE by Vince McMahon. You have to perform missions in various city locales in order to cost Vince money so he's forced to sell the company to Stephanie McMahon, thereby getting your job back. Maybe a little hokey in theory, but in execution, it looks like it's going to be a blast.

The pacing of the game is somewhere between the stiff, slow style in No Mercy and the overly quick and jerky style of the Smackdown series. It seems they are aiming to please fans on both sides of the spectrum, and early footage indicates that they might have succeeded.... at least partially. While the movement and grappling are no longer nearly as stiff as they were in No Mercy, the characters seem to have that quick, jerky quality that made me hate the Smackdown series when striking. In one vid, I saw Shawn Michaels stomping a police officer (Revenge Mode). While stomping, the guard was facing one way on the ground. He started to get up, and Michaels kicked him again. Suddenly, he was facing the other way. It's a bit glitchy, but I'm not really complaining. What wrestling game isn't a bit glitchy? I'm just excited because of all the improvements they're making over WMX8. If they can pull this off the way it's playing out in my head, I should be playing this game for a looooong time to come.

No reviews for now. Stay tuned, for I'll have my impressions of the GameCube release of Soul Calibur 2 this time next week.
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Friday, August 15, 2003

I swear I didn't plan this!

From The "Street Fighter" Series
What Video Game Villain Are You?

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